End of the Functional Road (for now)

After three months hiatus from ‘work’, I’m back focusing on a specific project. While I tried to do it work with F# and Suave I found that my current (lack of) knowledge with F# meant I was spending more time trying to understand the framework than interact with it. So, out of a sense of pragmatism, I’ve returned to C# and am now expanding my horizons through the use of .NET Core, Aurelia, Docker, developing in VS Code, and targeting Linux.

Sad as it is, this is the end of the functional domain project for now. I really would like to use F# in a commercial sense at some stage, but for now the key limitation has been a desire to use .NET Core and the F# tooling not quite being ready.

The source code remains available here: https://github.com/winterlimelight/FunctionalDomainProject